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Is the Duracell Bunny a real rabbit?

Nope! The Duracell Bunny is a toy who has been brought to life with the power of Duracell.
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Why is Duracell Bunny talking?

In 2019 the Duracell Bunny found his voice so that he could pursue his mission to motivate all the devices of the world.
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Unfortunately the Duracell Bunny is not available for sale.
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It began in 1973, when breakthrough advertising was developed to communicate that Duracell alkaline batteries lasted much longer than ordinary and inexpensive zinc carbon batteries. A small, pink, fluffy bunny was created who, powered by Duracell batteries, was able to outlast all others in an array of colourful challenges.
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Unfortunately, online scams are becoming more and more frequent. They impersonate Duracell and other well-known people & brands. Please be aware that Duracell will never ask for you to share your personal details for any reason. As an example, we are aware of ‘job adverts’ that are listed on Duracell Spain’s Facebook account. This is a fake job advert, and we are working with Meta on taking it down. Please do not engage with it. If you encounter any other scam, please inform our consumer centre.