Duracell Alkaline C batteries are a must-have product in many households. They're perfect for everyday devices such as toys, remote controls and flashlights. Available in Duracell Simply, Plus Power, Ultra Power and as Duracell rechargeable batteries!

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Product rating 4.3/5 (39)

Ultra Power Alkaline C Batteries

Our most advanced battery* with POWERCHECK™
*Vs Alkaline AAA/C/D cells

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Product rating 4.6/5 (63)

Plus Power C batteries

Long-lasting power, guaranteed

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Recharge Ultra C Batteries

Lasts 5 years guaranteed*
*or 400 recharges, whichever comes first

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DURACELL® For Professionals

At Duracell Professional we’re dedicated to providing professional power solutions for businesses with a variety of needs. We specialise in producing a range of technologically advanced batteries and battery chargers to meet the portable power needs of any organisation.