New Duracell Optimum. Our best performing battery* ever. Delivering up to 200% Extra Life in some devices, or now also Extra Power in other devices!

*AA/AAA Alkaline. Delivers: Extra life vs. the Minimum Average Duration of the 2015 IEC AA Digital Camera test ( OR Extra power in a wide range of devices vs. next best Duracell alkaline AA. Results may vary by device or usage pattern. For more info:

extra life* IN SOME DEVICES

Duracell Optimum lasts longer than previous Duracell Alkaline batteries in devices like TV remotes, game controllers, non-motorized toys, digital cameras, radios and clocks.

And long-lasting batteries mean long lasting enjoyment for all device users. Whether that’s helping TV remotes change channels month after month, box set after box set or helping Xbox wireless controllers last for up to 40 hours.

That is a lot of driving, surviving, fighting, and flying!

Extra Life Up to 40 hours of playtime

Extra Life up to +89% more pictures

extra power* IN Others

Duracell Optimum delivers more power than other Duracell Alkaline batteries – motors run faster in devices like remote controlled cars.

Extra Power for more speed

Extra Power for more speed


Spinmaster More power


Energy translates into Extra Power or Extra life. In a device such as the Monster Jam truck, Optimum provides a higher voltage enabling the truck to race faster vs next best Duracell Alkaline.

Xbox One More life


In Extra life devices, such as the Xbox One controller, energy is translated into longevity. In this case, Optimum delivers extra life making your controller last longer compared to next best Duracell Alkaline.

Optimum Packaging
Meets Optimum Performance

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Optimum’s pack keeps new batteries in place and allows secure storage of used ones for recycling

The Science

We took our best alkaline battery and added a NEW ACTIVE MATERIAL FOR MORE ENERGY.